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Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Brückenau
Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Brückenau
Heinrich-von-Bibra-Strasse 13
97769 Bad Brückenau


Body Treatments

Treatment results in revival of tired tissue, modeling and toning the contours of the bust, strengthening the musculature of the breast, and erasing wrinkles.

Masks and Packs

Facial cleansing and relaxing massage followed by application of nourishing and regenerating skin care masks.


Make up

Consultations include a type appropriate make-up with professional tips on how to achieve the best possible look for day and night.



Old, peeling and calloused skin on the body and face is removed with the aid of grainy creams, lotions or sea salt, allowing your skin breathe freely and truly glow as it should. The peeling process also allows your skin to become more receptive to skin care products.


Long lasting removal of hair in unwanted areas with warm or cold wax treatments.

St. Barth Sensation Körperbehandlung 80,00 EUR/Person