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Hotel Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Brückenau
Hotel Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Brückenau
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Body & Mind

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the meditative art of motion that is rooted in the Chinese tradition. A very slow and deliberate execution of certain sequences is characteristic of this practice. Scientific studies have shown that Tai Chi not only promotes body-consciousness, but also aids in

Nordic Walking

This new type of exercise combines active walking with special sticks, designed to integrate the entire upper body in the movement. This results in a low-impact, yet highly effective, total body workout.

Qi Gong

Translated, Qi Gong refers to "Working with Life Energy". The science of Qi Gong has been cultivated in Chine for thousands of years. In the realm of medicine and therapy, Qi Gong is utilized to treat circulatory problems, sleep disorders, cancer, gastro-intestinal complaints, chronic ailments and much more. Every large hospital in China includes a Qi Gong department, and European doctors are increasingly accepting of the priceless value of Qi Gong.

Autogenic training

Autogenic training is designed to relieve mental and physical tension. Practitioners utilize a form of self-hypnosis to realize a sense of warmth and heaviness in various parts of the body. Autogenic training is useful in relieving sleep disorders, anxiety or physical strain, as well as physical complaints such as tension and migraines.

Back exercises / training

Physiotherapy for back health
Exercises focused on stabilizing and mobilizing the spine are taught as a basis for ongoing healthy carriage in everyday activities.

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