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Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Brückenau
Dorint Resort & Spa Bad Brückenau
Heinrich-von-Bibra-Strasse 13
97769 Bad Brückenau


Personal Training

Personal training tailored to your schedule and locational preference. Guaranteed maximum effectiveness ensured by exclusive personal attention to your training needs. The focus is to provide a concentrated work-out in a one-to-one system. The client receives constant feedback and is thus able to fully benefit from the exercises performed.


Electro-therapy is based on the stimulating effects of electricity, resulting in the release of muscular tension, improved circulation and pain reduction.


Balneo or Bath Therapy involves treatment with healing waters (hydration therapy), healing peloids (swamp and mud), water (hydrotherapy and medicinal baths), thermal elements of heat and cold (Kneipp) or inhalation. A change in climate can also promote recovery. A balneological cure takes three to four weeks and alleviates chronic ailments and psychological stress.